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This book is inspired by all women! I have experienced four pregnancies, all with natural child births. Each pregnancy was different and brought along physical, mental, and health challenges. I have to admit...I enjoyed every moment of it, from the beginning to the very end.


     We all experience similar changes throughout life, both in the natural and spiritual. As followers of Christ, we have God-given gifts placed on the inside of our "spiritual womb" and He wants to develop the gift until it's ready to be birthed. It's not always going to be easy. It's going to take some growth that includes: mood swings, restless nights, and physical and emotional changes along the way. If God allows you to go through it, He will also be by your side to get through it!


     This is not a read for just expecting mothers. This is a book for expecting believers! Have you been trying, praying and asking God to do great things in your life but, you're experiencing negative results? Has the enemy been trying to talk you into aborting your dream, your vision, or your purpose? If the answer is YES, I believe this book is for you, just as it is for me. So, I challenge you to start this "pregnancy" process with me. Remember, you are pregnant with a purpose and your delivery is on the way!

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